Beer and Pie

Today I was faced with an epic dilemma, does beer go with pie?

There are those that would say what? Never. you cannot mix those two. To which I would respond… are you sure? Or perhaps the field of people who say beer goes with anything, which might not be completely true either.

I however believe I have found a beer that does complement pie.. Lemon Radler. It is a beer ( I am told) was designed for cyclists in mind. Radler means cyclist in German and it’s a lower alcohol content, so not to get too tipsy and fall off ones bicycle. Just enough to make it fun.

The Steigl Radler is the best.. half beer half carbonated lemonade. Light, Delightful and summery! Now before you say, I don’t want my beer to taste like lemonade, I say are you sure? I love a good Shandy, but this has put them to shame. I don’t think i will ever drink a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy again. The Steigel has ruined me for all others.

So tonight as I sit here writing, I have this unbridled desire for pie. There is a triple berry in the kitchen calling my name and I am fighting with the beer/pie dilemma. My taste buds, believe whole heartedly that lemon beer beverage and pie absolutely go together. I am sure shortly I will give in, perhaps I won’t eat the pie until after I finish the beer. What is the appropriate time frame for pie eating after beverage consumption? Is it 20 minutes like waiting to get in the pool after eating? What is that anyway and who made it up?

Or will I be a pie/beer rebel and trailblaze all previous constraints and eat the pie whenever I damn well please. Probably more likely.

Zesty lemon beverage and sweet berry pie, fusion.

Here I come.

Until next time.



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