And yet SHE persisted

It is time to make a difference. Over the last few days I have seen so much sharing , so much passion, so  much encouragement to get out and VOTE!

My amazing friends, fighting debilitating pre-existing conditions that are faced with losing the care they so desperately need. They are spreading the flames of justice. They are being forthcoming with their own stories, so that those reading or sharing will have real testimony from real people.  Stories that are not easy to tell and harder to live. All in the hopes of helping the public understand what is at stake with this election.

They have been battered with words, sometimes hateful, demeaning words from people who are disputing the validity of their information, in essence the facts.  But nothing will deter them from sharing the message. I am proud of them, it is not easy to share such personal stories in the face of adversity.

And yet SHE persisted.

It’s not only friends who inspire me, its complete strangers. This past weekend I met two amazing young women who were supporting each other and fighting the good fight for the right reasons. One a victim of verbal abuse in a destructive relationship, that summoned the strength to say no more. And a single mom, who is giving her entire life to one dream, that her autistic son will someday live on his own. That the community and the world will realize the virtues and the power of the children and adults behind autism and support those dreams for independence, by electing officials that will listen and encourage change.

And yet SHE persisted

To realize as you near retirement age that all you have worked for could be wiped out in a single stroke of the pen. Ensure the medical benefits that our senior and elderly depend on remain available and not be used as a bargaining tool by the current administration.

With your vote, you are taking a stand to take back our country , to say no more and to rise up and demand that our politicians are accountable and to let the President know that the USA belongs to the citizens who live here, not the Oval office.

Tomorrow is an act of persistence. Demand Change.VOTE

And yet SHE/WE/HE persisted.

Until Next time,



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