Fall Comfort

I awoke on this Saturday morning and it was still dark, I was feeling a little nauseous from my flu shot yesterday (hurrah!) and 0615 IS sleeping in.. So I get up and look into the quiet stillness of the neighborhood, grab my coffee and wait for the sun to rise. It’s a very special time of the day. New beginnings. My unwind time.

I sit on the couch and my sweet dog jumps over to say good morning and we cuddle under the big black comforter that is almost an heirloom in our house. We found the comforter about 20 years ago in the closet of a duplex we were renting. It is black, heavy and warm. It has kept my children and now my grandchildren warm on many a frigid Midwest winter night. It has been a companion for heartbreak and a playmate for game playing. It has been a wall for a very well constructed “table fort” and produced many giggles from small children. It is a member of our family, it always will be. There is something about the familiarity of well-worn blankets, like an old friend come to visit.As you crawl under it and feel the weight of the blanket and the softness of the material and even the few dog hairs that remain from a recent visit from sweet Nedda our family dog. This blanket is a safe haven, a retreat from problems of the world, my comfort zone.

I love movies and this morning I was flipping through the choices ( I always go to a movie before anything else) I see the perfect movie.. Field of Dreams. It has already started but no worries, I have seen it about a zillion times.. yes, I am one those, a repeat watcher. Especially, when it touches my heart.. This one does on many levels.

As I tune in to the ” oh your from the 60’s” scene, I am rooted, with coffee under the big warm, memory filled comforter. I am filled with a weird happy/sad feeling this morning and this movie will allow me to explore those emotions. I laugh at the comedic “kidnapping” and cry real tears at the pain/joy of Ray playing ball with his Dad. The sweetness of Moonlight Graham fills my heart.  I love this movie, it captures the earnest, honesty of pure passion, belief and maybe a little magic. I mean who would pass on the chance to go back in time to speak to someone they love, see them at a different part of their life? I know I would.

As I sit in the darkness, watching the last part of the movie, the lightness replaces the dark, it peeks through the side windows and the small four pane windows above my fireplace as if to say “Good Morning”. It isn’t a sunshiny crisp fall morning, but it is light and the neighborhood is awakening from its slumber. As I peer out the window to my left and see the beauty of Fall a big sweeping gold filled tree with half the leaves resting on the ground and the others clinging to the branches, as if waiting for their turn to softly sail to the ground. It is at this time of year, before the snow falls and the frozen, barren, brown replaces the golden shades of Indian Summer that I love the most.  As the daylight kisses the leaves with color and the day is filled with warm sweaters and steaming mugs of coffee or hot chocolate. The scent of baking drifts around the apartment and life becomes warm and cozy.20181103_081253

I wish for you a cozy Saturday.

Until Next Time,



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