Suede Attitude

On July 8, 2009 @ 10 am, this world lost a force. A strong fighter, full of attitude. Good, positive attitude. Denita Lynne, you have heard about her before and you will again.

Today’s blog is about a coat. When my friend passed away, her son offered us to have something of hers to remember her by, he said she would want that. So as we looked through boxes of possessions boxed up and in her living room, I carefully chose the items I felt she was willing me to take,  things she would have chosen for me herself.

When I walked away, I was holding a suede jacket, a pair of dingo boots, a shawl and small coach bag and a half used bottle of Pretty perfume.  These were the gifts of my friend.

The suede coat fit me nine years ago, I wore it a few times, just to feel the soft suede and feel my friend around me. When I put it on, I can feel her hugs, hear her laugh and see her eyes twinkle with mischief and her smile.  But time went on, and the coat no longer fit, but it stayed with me, hanging stoically in the closet as if to say, wait.

It has moved five times, carefully and lovingly folded and packed for each journey. It travels with the plaid shawl and the attitude boots.  She is in that coat. Her strength, her pride, her fierce can do attitude, and her love.

Denita was a strong woman and she believed in spirits and messages from beyond, the magic of it appealed to her, the unexplainable mystical magic.  She shared many stories of  everyday magic. She fought for life, hers and others. She has spoken to me many times since she slipped the earthly bonds, sometimes through a song, sometimes through a meal and sometimes through her coat.

And then last Thursday night as I was driving to have dinner with friends and she said “Give her the coat” clear as a bell.  I knew then that the coat would have a new owner, one that was like the original. Strong minded, creative, a woman of the future. I went home and carefully folded the coat for its next journey. It began its travel to a new home, new smiles to be had, new perfume to meet the suede, new style to be made.

The precious part of my friend, had found it’s new home in NYC. The city that never sleeps. The power of Denita is wrapped in that suede, and now the magic continues and the strength grows. It’s new owner is youthful, stylish, sassy and beautiful. Enjoy the soft suede, it’s weathered touch and know that it has traveled far to reach you.

I believe in magic, the hereafter and the power of love.

Until Next Time,



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