Social Addiction

As I began writing this a week or so ago, I was deeply affected by “discussions” being had on FB and the ugly turn they were taking. I am not opposed to differing views, it’s what makes life interesting and vivid.

I am an avid user of Facebook, my  blog is linked directly to it. I enjoy certain aspects of Facebook and dislike many others. I enjoy connecting with friends and seeing how life has unfolded for them. I enjoy finding my allies in belief and I even enjoy civilized debate on sensitive subjects.  But the hold of social media is mesmerizing and bewitching like any other addiction.

I came across the following description and it hit me that modified it could be a used to describe the possible adverse affects of “FB disorder” as seen through my eyes, or maybe it’s just me over thinking again.

Anyway, just ponder this a moment or two.

FB use disorder

Problematic Pattern
FB use disorder is a problematic pattern of FB use that causes significant impairment or distress. Symptoms of the disorder include a strong desire to use FB, increased tolerance to FB, failure to fulfill obligations, trouble reducing use, and withdrawal syndrome with discontinuation. FB withdrawal symptoms may include nausea, muscle aches, trouble sleeping, or a low mood. Addiction and dependence are components of a FB use disorder. Complications may include FB overdose, marriage problems, or unemployment.
The love of social media is an addiction like no other, I fully anticipate the self-help groups will follow ( If they haven’t already). Passing by the University today and waiting for the bus were 5 members of tomorrows leaders, standing in a circle glued to their phones, oblivious to those around them. This is the norm, not the exception as I see it, and live it.
Maybe it’s just my  limited willpower in some arenas that won’t let me just disable it from my phone. Oh sure I do it periodically  and then it creeps back in.. it takes many forms, a friend sending me a message ( messenger is connected to FB) Like an add on drug, can’t have one without the other. A funny meme, an important political post, a casual comment. All just waiting for me to bite.  And I do and I enjoy it.
The lure of Social media is wonderful and deadly all at once.  I can’t blame Facebook for what it has become, a breeding ground of opinions, racism, hatred and isolation. It is also a connection, a friend, a light in the night and a laugh when you need it. We are never alone with FB around ( sounds very Orwellian) and maybe that is creepy good.
The content of posts on FB have the power to ruin a relationship, isolate families, destroy friendships and start intellectual wars. The content can also connect long-lost friends, bring families together and share important information like no other platform.
So how does a overthinker come to terms with the power of FB? Simply decide that nothing is valid and on FB it means nothing? Or over think everything and continue to let posts get inside my heart and gut?
I am sure I will continue to let them in my heart and gut, because even if it is a post that generates anger, causes weeping, makes you laugh or just makes me smile it has engaged my brain and made me think and feel. And that I believe that is the purpose of FB, to think and feel…..something.
I hope that when engaging in debate or dialogue, that we think before we type. I hope that we continue to use this tool to help us feel, stay informed, good, bad or indifferent. I hope we don’t use this as a tool to destroy, alienate or humiliate.
Continue to think and feel…with passion.
Until Next Time,

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