Politics of Humanity

I do not profess to be politically savvy or well versed in the dark arts of politics, but I do know our beautiful country is in turmoil, deadly, life changing turmoil.

Now I don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Independent, Conservative or anything else.

I care about the goodness in your heart. The way you treat human beings, the way you represent our country, the choices you make, if you grow hatred and racism in your heart, your actions and the legacy you pass on.

The current resident of the White House does not have the best interests of the American people in his heart. He has his best interests at heart. Period.

That day that seems a lifetime ago, when somehow he “won” the election, it was a sad dark day. It seemed impossible, it couldn’t be real. I pondered and lamented (I do not whine) over this surreal situation. Surely it was a mistake, people cannot have been blinded by this improbable choice, but they were ..he was elected.

And the devastation immediately began like a small infection that grows and festers and soon it moves through your body, making you feel weak and ill. That is what we are facing as a nation. A plague that is creeping closer and closer to our hearts.

I am not a political analyst, but I watch enough to know everyday it gets worse, all the promises he made, that convinced those to vote for him, are long past, as if they are the butt of some bad joke, merely a punchline in his never-ending diatribe of nonsense.

It is like watching a really bad reality show, where the spoiled child is given free rein, to see how much damage he can do in four years without supervision. Everyday is a new twist of power, a distortion of truth and uncovering of some evil that lurks beneath the surface waiting for a full explosion.

The good news is little as we watch in dismay at the unraveling of our country and our democracy. But there is a silver lining, we shall overcome. It is a four letter word, a quiet message to the masses, it starts as a whispers and grows as we band together to change our world. It has power, strength in numbers…..VOTE.

It is our strongest weapon, it speaks volumes when we feel our voice has been silenced. You want to make a difference? you want change? VOTE.

Tell your friends, encourage new voters, let your voice be heard, change can happen if we work together and become one strong impenetrable force, a human wave of righteousness and humanity. Speak loudly, be heard, be counted.


Until Next Time,



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