Selective Equality

I work for the Federal Government, and recently attended a LGBT celebration, it was really nice. The usual fare, rainbow cupcakes, beverages and education. I read about the history of the pride flag and the man behind it, he passed away last year. I learned that each color has purpose, I learned the definitions, some I had not heard before. I give kudos to the team that was there and the willingness to answer questions. Fully and  completely. As I wandered through the displays, which truly were very informative for those who need education.

Now, I don’t profess to be an expert in this area, but my heart is in the right place. I believe in human rights. Plain and simple…. for all.

There was one display that stopped my heart and nearly brought me to tears. It was a chart or Map that showed our country and the number of states where you can still be fired for being LGBT. Take a peek, it’s added at the bottom.

My first thought was this can’t be true, not in the United States of America. So I sought out a representative at the event named Kristen, who fully confirmed that yes it was an accurate depiction and sadly….true.

It sickened me and enraged me simultaneously. I couldn’t believe that our country is so latent is providing every right to all our citizens, not just a select few.  Naive I know. But I still believe our country is great at its roots and current POTUS gets zero credit. My second question is how do they know? Is it now a check box on the application? I understand that there could be obvious signs in some instances, but that still does not justify the message sent by allowing this type of negativity, bias and persecution based on one dimension of a whole person.

Thirdly, It begs me to ask, does sexual or gender orientation affect the work ethic ? Am I a better employee because I am heterosexual? No, just as it has absolutely nothing to do with the type of employee a person of a different orientation may or may not be. It is simply another avenue used to endorse and support discriminatory practices and allow inequality to continue to quietly thrive.

My fourth observation is that I am uneducated in the realm of deficiencies of life  unneccessary challenges my friends are facing on a daily basis. It isn’t right, we need change and equality more than ever. We must continue to be vocal and persistent in our discussions and messages about equality. Equality is for everyone, not just the chosen few.

Speak loudly, educate yourself  in Illinois @ https// or support the Human Rights Campaign @ https//

“The state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities”  We should not rest until this is 100% true.

As I left the event, I grabbed a pride flag sticker for myself and proudly affixed it to my cardigan. As I returned to my desk a colleague mentioned in passing, “I like your pin”. I said ” I wear it for my friends and equality for all” .

Until Next Time,



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