On Sunday, a relative of my guys came over and gifted us freshly harvested Morchella better know by close friends as Morels. He said ” you want some Morels?” My gut response was “No, I’ve seen Beguiled” but instead I said yes as I adore morels.

I know a little about Morels, they have a short growing season, people who love them get very excited when it’s time and you never hear them called mushrooms, simply Morels. Like a rock star or an artist with only one name. Like Bono, or Sting. I mean lets face it, they are the rock stars of fungi. Elusive, mysterious, delicious and coveted. I mean they are hunted, morel paparazzi. They have websites and guide books. This is a multi million dollar business and I was lucky enough to know a local hunter.

I don’t really know how one hunts for them, as I am not a hunter but I do picture a miner’s hat with a light or a big flashlight with the long handle, searching through marshy ground searching for the elusive Morel score, tucked away in mud. I need a little imagination with my Morels.

I tend to be a purest in the cooking arena, At least I think so, throw a little butter in the pan, wash them slice them and fry them up. I cannot get enough of them. Such a decadent treat and I think all the rain we have gotten has helped them grow. That’s my theory anyway.

My guy was cooking dinner and he doesn’t even like Morels, but his mother gave us some direction from the other room, a little flour please, and they were delightful, just the right amount of crunch and superb flavor.

I think that Moreling… yes it’s a new word. use it.  Moreling is a signal that Spring is truly here and Summer is not far behind. And that brings joy to all.

I have seen it the scooters are out, bicyclists are appearing, people are walking and mowing and sitting outside. We have come out of our winter cobwebs and are shaking them off, rediscovering our world.

As I drive home each day, I cross the river from Iowa to Illinois and it is a beautiful view, more green with each passing day, it went from a view of sticks, to fully lush green trees in mere days, that is the wonder of Mother Nature. I advise you to take notice, it’s a beautiful transformation, right before your eyes.  And yes, Morels are part of that.

So enjoy the greening of your neighborhood, rake some leaves, plant some flowers, mow some grass and find some Morels.

Until Next Time,





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