Being Mom

Today is Mother’s Day. It begs for the eternal question what makes one a mother? In my life experience 57 years, it is not giving birth that makes you a mother. Being a mother is not reserved for those that complete the act from womb to earth.

Mother’s come in a variety of shapes, sizes and genders. Primarily, mothering is an action, not a person. On this day more than ever, we need to remember and honor that truth.

This day is for anyone who has ever provided a motherly act. It doesn’t mean you are a female, you could be an Aunt, Uncle, Father, Neighbor, Pastor, Friend, Teacher or just a stranger on the street.

Have you every extended a loving caring action to another human? You are a mother.

I have one biological mother, but many mothers. Those mothers who bring me soup when I am sick, those mothers who give me a hug, or show up because isn’t that 90% of life? Showing up?

Mothering is an art. And like art, we never know how good we are at it until we try. Also like art it takes many forms throughout our lives, constantly changing and revolving.

Those who step in during the absence of a parent, the Aunt who spoils her nieces and nephews, the uncles who never misses a game, the Teacher who inspires you, the neighbor who drops off some baked goods or just says hey over the fence, the Dad who comes to bagels with Mom, the Pastor who provides comfort, those who reach out to soothe or help a stranger. All Mom’s.

The heart is the center, make this day about Mom’s all different kinds. Biological, inherited, chosen and non traditional. This is what being a Mom means to me. So if you are Momming ( yes it’s a new word, you can use it) in any part of your life, thank you and enjoy your day!

Until Next Time,




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