Storm crazy

Well it’s a wild Wednesday here in the Midwest. I started my day by nearly having my little car become airborne on the interstate. Yes it was a windy day.

Since taking this job I have become a weather watcher, I start my day checking the weather so I know when to grab my umbrella and when I will need a coat or when I might blow off the road or at a minimum need to use both hands to keep it on the road.

Tonight as I drove home I could feel the storm following me. I managed to stay ahead of it and with great anticipation looked forward to it . Oh how I love a storm! I am crazy for a good storm, the crack of the thunder, the strike of the lightning illuminating the sky and the pounding of the raindrops on the pavement or the rooftop if you can get a metal one. Tonight was a good one, you know the kind meteorologists live for, they can get out all their special effects and use them all.  The  storm rolls in slowly, the sky darkens and you feel the energy, the trees begin to blow and bend  in preparation for the storm to come. And then the raindrops begin to fall, gently at first, then building in intensity until it pours with no direction, left, straight, right. sometimes all three at once. And then the rhythmic thunder rolls begin.. It is natures symphony. Exquisite, glorious, powerful and unpredictable.

Now my dog is storm crazy too, but in a whole different way. He hates storms, he becomes a frantic, anxiety ridden beast. He cannot sit still,  the storms cause the turmoil and urgency that can only be described as crazy fear. It nearly paralyzes him, it shakes him to his core. His heart races and his breathing is labored, he gasps for air and his bloodshot eyes dart around the house, as if to say ” surely you hear this, we must take cover!” And as his fear and loathing reach a fever pitch, there is no slowing him down, he cannot be calmed, or soothed or petted. He runs around the house, up and down the stairs as if he is warning us all of dangers we cannot fathom. What would we do without our dog? He sits at the top of the stairs guarding my door, since I refuse to take cover or heed his warnings. He is a good dog and storm crazy is just one of his personas.  I have tried medication, bio feedback, thundershirts, putting him in the garage, everything and anything. Nothing works, well one thing works, the backseat of a car.  An older model Honda Civic.  He can be nearly ballistic and you walk him to the garage and open the door of his chariot and he hops in, like the rock star he is.. in the back seat. His water and food are there and he calms within minutes and as he does he lies down to sleep finally. The door is left ajar, but he never exits unless the door is opened for him. you know like royalty.  Yes he is storm crazy, or maybe just crazy.

As my head hits the pillow and the storm keeps rolling, I think I have never heard anything more peaceful. So embrace the power and majesty of the storm and respect it.

Until Next Time,



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