Blue eye shadow

Yesterday i stopped to fill My gas tank and get a beverage for the drive home. Sitting at a table in the luncheonette area of this Midwestern College town gas and eat sits and elderly woman Best guess is she is in her late 70’s but not really sure as time can play tricks on us. I notice her at first because she was holding a handheld mirror up to her face and all I could think is Snow White, Mirror-Mirror.

She is very tiny, and dressed in fairly trendy youthful clothes, she is wearing pants that are like cargo pants with the strings at the bottom. Weathered face and a short gray pixie. On the table in front of her lies her purse. It is on its side with a few of the belongings falling out onto the table. Her keys are on the table and next to them her makeup bag.

It was the mirror that first caught my eye, it was turquoise and hand-held, smallish in nature and she was staring intently into it, applying with ease her vibrant blue eyeshadow.

As she gently swipes the metallic blue powder across her well weathered eyelid, it clings to every groove and lights up her pale aged face. She applies with the deftness of a lifetime, she could do this with her eyes closed. Her hands shake a bit but she is an expert. She continues to apply her makeup, she grabs the mirror and holds it very close to her eyes and begins to painstakingly apply mascara to each eye. Her hands are shaking and she is attempting to apply lash by lash. Until each eye is fully coated. She finishes with red lipstick of course, what aging screen siren wouldn’t? As she carefully applies two coats of bright red lipstick and puckering to provide even coverage for each lip. She fluffs her hair and is pleased with the final look, seemingly winking at her reflection.

She was engraved in my brain as I drove home, still taking that care with her appearance, putting on her face, enhancing the outward beauty that remains. But it reconfirmed to me that while outward beauty is often the first thing we see, it is that inward beauty that really shines in life.

Our outward beauty, the glowing mask of youth has a limited lifespan, so develop your inner beauty and you will remain radiant all of your life.

Until Next time,




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