Happy Easter! Whether you believe in Resurrection or fertility Gods named Ishtar, or Easter bunnies and Peeps use this day to rejoice.

Put aside differences and rejoice in our beautiful world, Spring is coming, new green plants are pushing through cold winter soil, which to me is always a miracle and a joy to behold, it makes me believe in the future and the consistency of life.

Share some time with your family, get dressed up, have an Easter Egg Hunt, watch Alice Cooper son of a pastor in Jesus Christ Superstar, whatever make your own tradition. And Rejoice in it.

I remember being a kid and on Easter we got dressed up, went to church, and then we went to Bishop’s that was Dad’s big thing, we went out to eat. My favorite Easter was sometime in the early 70’s my Easter dress was seafoam green and white, it had belled sleeves with a small bow at the elbow, a pleated skirt and some kind of overlay on the sleeves with flowers. That was the year mom let me pick out my own shoes and I got to wear pantyhose for the first time.  I chose black patent leather track shoes. They were the coolest, not so much with the dress, but I love my patent leather shoes, still do. My hair was trying to grow out for the first time from a pixie and I had these bobby-pins holding back my bangs.  The beginnings of my love of clothes and shoes coupled with trying to work towards independence.

Our Easter meal was at Bishop’s no questions.  It was this glorified buffet place, super trendy at the time. I loved Bishop’s it was this magical place, we ate out about once a year. So Bishop’s was kinda of magical. The trays that whizzed along the serving line, the myriad of food choices and pie. That chocolate Ambrosia pie (still available at Hyvee) was the highlight of the meal. That and the table lights for service. Those were cool and discreet, just flip on your table light and the staff would see to your needs, so of course we played with the lights when we often needed nothing.

On your way out, you would pickup a balloon with little cardboard feet attached which my brother and I would often use as weapons of sibling play. We would usually end our day by rehiding any plastic eggs we had received and searching for them endlessly. This is what my youngest grandson asked for today, an egg hunt. He must be an old soul.

That was our tradition, get out there and make yours! Happy Easter however you celebrate!

Until Next Time,



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