Exit Ramps

To the amazing asshole in the shiny black sports car who nearly missed your exit….there are others.

I drive interstate 80 everyday for an edgy hour and 7 minutes. At the best of road conditions it’s still a very dangerous road filled with race car driver wannabes. It’s Iowa, not Indy. I am a pace car a nice steady, marginally above the legal limit, uses turn signals driver.

It’s now February and winter in the Midwest, extra driving intelligence behooves you. This mornings stellar driver didn’t even pass the basic skills test, although I am sure if queried he or she would support his last minute near collision decision.

Let me set the scene for you, it’s 0630 ( that’s still dark here in the frozen tundra) and the highway is glossy to the eye, salt trucks are out, so that would lead a reasonable person to think their could be icy spots on the highway. I am traveling at between 70-73 on this fine Thursday morning, in the right lane as prescribed by law. About 2 miles from my exit ramp destination, out of nowhere, this small black Hyundai crosses in front of me at a high rate of speed, I could feel the wind on my hood, he was that close to my front end. In a manner of seconds he cuts me off, and drifts over to the exit lane that he nearly missed, and travels down it continuing at a high rate of speed and nearly losing control of his vehicle.

It happened so fast, I barely had time to process what had transpired. When I did, the word “idiot” burst forth from my lips, followed by “there are other exits”. It’s I-80, there are lots of other exits, yes, it might delay your arrival by a few minutes, but at least you would be alive. Personally, for me that’s a better option. The rash decision you made to cut me off was thoughtless and stupid. Perhaps you were late for work, or rushing to the hospital for the birth of your child, but more likely you are just an inconsiderate, risky driver who thinks the highway is your own personal Indy 500. Leave the real race car driving to the big boys.

This particular segment of I-80 is usually pretty congested and filled with arrogant, careless drivers, and decent, respectful ones too ( this blog isn’t for you, but I will say thank you.) to those that bear down on drivers in the passing lane as if you are in a live action video game, you are not. Someday, I may just slam on my brakes and let you hit me. The rage it incites in me to look into my rear view mirror and see a large vehicle with huge headlights burning into my retina’s because the passing speed of my small car doesn’t match your overzealous capabilitites and lurking behind me to force me to go faster like a modern day duel is simply dangerous and unnecessary.

I have a life and people I love, you don’t have the right to endanger that because you are relieving some pent up frustration or other fraility you are trying to overcome, behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle, using it as a substitute for real courage or common sense.

Chill the f out.

Until Next Time,



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