The long and short of it

I had really long hair once a long time ago..I cut it two days before sophomore year, I cried.. a lot. I have been cutting it ever since. I have been contemplating cutting it again. I decided to have a little fun and get a little help with my decision.

I did a brief poll on FB of course! I posted two photos of myself and asked long or short? Vote.  It wasn’t rocket science, but I wanted to see two things, preference and sex.  You see most of my life, I have been told “ Men like long hair” which instinctively made me ask “why?” And women don’t ?  Of course it directly influenced my hair decisions. As if it was an act of defiance. Or maybe I am just contrary. Or both.

I have had many lengths over the years, short, really short, longish, curly, straight , I covered all the bases.

I love long hair, other people’s long hair, so far not my own. There are times I glance in the mirror and think “yes, I will keep growing, it will start to look better” and then the next day “ nope, this scraggly stuff must go, I need style !” And again, I am on the fence.

I love shiny strong hair, and am often envious of others manes. I long for a messy bun ( a long way off..) or just thick free air – dried hair, waves and all.

But I LOVE short hair … the ease of it, the quick styling of it, the funkiness of it, no Muss attitude of short hair. Plus it makes you different, not everyone can wear short hair. I think short hair accentuates the face, allows you to show off new earrings or scarves in a cute tossed up style.. It’s fast and usually doesn’t need styling if you sleep late. At least not mine.

So while my heart and brain long to see me with long hair, to see if it changes my perception of me, I usually always retreat to my roots.. no pun intended.  And I return to short.

So the results of my survey ? 15 long/ 12 short. Of the 15 long 13 were women 2 were men. Of the 12  short 8 women 4 men. Now based on the aforementioned statement that  “Men love long hair” that would appear to not be completely true, More men  preferred short versus the long, 2 to 1 males preferred my hair short.

I found that interesting and it defied the myth that “ all men prefer long hair” and perhaps it dispelled another myth, women with short hair are less feminine.

Completely untrue,  I feel more feminine when I don’t have to hide behind hair as my crowning glory, I think it allows my other virtues ( brains for example) to take center stage, I am so much more.

Yes, I know it’s my perception and it’s my hair, unruly , uncooperative and still growing.. for now. But you never know when I will be overcome with a need to cut my hair.

I will sit in a beauticians chair and proclaim, lets cut it.  And we will.

When? Only the shadow knows.

Until next time,




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