Everyday I wake up and turn on the TV to keep me company while  I get ready for work and everyday (at least it seems like everyday) there is a new accusation of some kind or another, improper touching, sexual harassment.. If you watch the TV you know the world is in turmoil.

While it leaves me queasy in the pit of my stomach, and raises my feminist anger threshold to new highs, it also makes me analyze ….what is the definition of sexual harassment? Is everything sexual harassment? Is it open to interpretation? Is my definition flawed? Does that make me less compassionate towards the victims or their claims untrue?Am I a victim And not recognize it? Is every claim valid or are they just jumping on the bandwagon for some publicity or something more sinister? This list is endless. It actually keeps me awake at night.

The definition in my workplace is if it makes you feel uncomfortable it is harassment. A glance, an action, a word, a look. Pretty broad and open to interpretation. So does that mean the innocent boy chasing a girl around the playground a million years ago was improper? Or was he just an innocent boy? The boy who moved too fast in high school? Rapist or a teenage boy with raging hormones? What are the parameters? is it black and white or filled with grey?

I am overwhelmed by the never-ending parade of accusations. Some of them lack any concrete evidence to fit my interpretation of harassment. Stupid, careless, impetuous yes…fits some of them. Criminal fits some as well. My personal challenge is where to draw the line between the variables. How do I sort through the garbage to ensure authenticity for accusation?

I feel as though I don’t know what is real anymore. Corruption and deceit is rampant. People once respected are now disowned. Careers are ruined, lives shredded, and wounds that never heal are ripped open and raw, over and over and on display for public judgement.

Females are the majority of accusers, but are there men who have not spoken up? Are they victims too? Is this simply the edge of the abyss?

I will not live my life looking at every man with doubting eyes and silent judgement of crimes they did not commit. There are good men in our world and I believe they outnumber the venom that is on the front page every day. Those men that stand up for women, those men who are appalled to be lumped in with these few powerful deviants, men that support, nurture and respect those they love. I will not allow this to color my opinion or sway me from belief in human goodness, despite the constant barrage of dark, dismal news.

Am I alone or do other over-thinkers join me in the quiet of confusion and the search for true justice? I hope I recognize it when it arrives.  In the mean time stay tuned.

Until next time,



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