Love American Style

I loved that show in the 70’s. It was fun. It exploded with fireworks. It must have influenced my love of love.

Fireworks, excitement and laughs. That show had it all.

For those of you who don’t know or choose to forget it, it was a show that provided glimpses ( 15 minutes segments) into modern love, comedy style. It had a groovy theme song and was the brainchild of Paramount television. 108 glorious episodes glittering with movie stars in all their glory. Showing us love. Sort of. TV love, perfectly quirky and it always turned out all right.

Now decades later I believe in love and the comedy of it all.  All kinds of love, new and breathless, loud, conflicted, tolerant, caring, supportive, cautious, mushy, gushy, unrequited, impetuous, youthful, aged, life long ….love.

I believe in them all. Through the pain of life, good and bad choices, heartbreak and heartache I still believe in the chance of true love. The wonder and excitement of meeting someone you want to share life with and embracing the “I love Lucy” episodes that often accompany real life love. Because life in itself is funny for the most part and love is at it’s center.

Age doesn’t define love, a heart filled with hope does. I watch people and rejoice in the expressions of love. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize as it is bathed in something called “life”.. It might take the form of a middle-aged couple walking the grocery aisles and she mentions how she wants a new lunch-bag, he says if you want one pick one out.. that’s love.  or an elderly man who walks on the street side with his bride of 70 years, to protect her. that’s love. Maybe it’s a young couple with a baby in tow and he listens as she releases her overwhelming fears of motherhood in a torrent of tears and yelling that’s a love.

Love is not for the faint of heart, it takes determination, compassion and compromise. For those who can endure the rewards are bountiful. You build a life together, one of your own design, maybe its a house in the country, maybe an apartment in the city or a trailer by the sea. More than that, it’s that joy of having coffee on a lazy morning, doing nothing but being together, holding hands, doing something you don’t love, encouragement to chase dreams, holding you when times are tough and laughing with you harder than anyone else. But it’s not all wine and roses, there are disagreements, isolation and sometimes endings. All those things together are love.

Life is a tough thing and continuing to dust yourself off and get back in the game is key to survival. Never giving up on love is the supreme game of chance. Despite your heartbreak, despite the chance it might fail, Take the chance.

If you want love, go for it. Bask in the joy of the adventure, and rejoice when you find it. It’s worth it and you deserve it.

Until Next Time,



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