Stealing Ellen

A few days ago I was listening to a podcast called ” Death Sex and Money”. It’s one of my favorites. On that day the guest was actress Ellen Burstyn. Now as if she isn’t wonderfully charming enough she coined a phrase on that day that I have to steal that’s why the name of my blog today is “Stealing Ellen” . I don’t think she will mind at all as a matter fact during the podcast she encouraged people to use this term and said that I have days when I’m not working I called them ” shouldless  days” and these are days when I don’t have anything I should do so I only do the things I want to, and Ellen was right!

Frankly, I think we have too many  should days. At least I do. Days are filled with I should do the laundry and I should pay that bill and I should clean the house but I really don’t want to. I want to run around town I want to visit antique stores I want to read a book I want to go shopping anything but what I should do.

My  shouldless days include no agenda just going with the flow. See how the day plays out.. I might get in my car and just go for a drive  I might sit on the couch and watch movie after movie only taking a break for some ice cream. I might go on a cleaning spree.

Today was one of those days. I started my day with a should. I should go to the doctor but from that point on I was shouldless. It felt wonderful and relaxing  and unplanned. I visited a fabulous vintage boutique called  Skeleton Key Antiques it’s located in an old funeral home and I loved every inch of it ! Interesting pieces of furniture, artwork, the creativity was simply pouring out of the cracks of the building. I actually felt as if every person who passed through the doors was somehow infused into the creativity that is now housed within the walls. After we went on the island hop antique walk and got our stamps at each of the local businesses for a chance to win a prize, we went to lunch at my favorite deli, Arthur’s and from there we went and got groceries  and the day just drifted away. It was really great and completely shouldless and completely want full. Hey maybe I’ve coined a new phrase wantfull…shouldless days should be wantfull.

May your shouldless days be many, I recommend it highly. So does Ellen.

Until Next Time,



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