Eclipse Awakening

Sometimes in life we get to do amazing things and meet wonderful people. This past 4 days I did both.

A few months ago  my guy said “there is going to be a full eclipse” not being a science lover, I responded “oh cool” .. That was the understatement of a lifetime.

I had no idea the energy awakening that was about to occur on a remote farm in Southern Illinois.

The journey to Makanda, Illinois began far in advance of the actual event. It begin late one evening when I was handed a small square white box. I opened it and inside was a  pair of goggles, copper in color, steam punk in style. I put them on  and looked up at the light in my room, it was all I could see. The sensation of complete darkness was amazing. It was the beginning.

We  journeyed to Southern Illinois on the 20th of August. I had reached out to a friend in the area and he offered up lodging so we could stay in the area for the eclipse as rooms were hard to come by and very expensive. We accepted his kind offer.

On the morning of the eclipse, we went out for coffee and drove through Carbondale, the epicenter for this event. there were people everywhere and it was only 9 am. It’s funny we had wondered the day before where all the people who were expected to descend on this college town. It seemed they had arrived while we slept. Roads were closed and the stadium was alive with activity.  News cameras and trucks were getting set up for this event. As we wove our way through town and back onto Hwy 13, we lost the buzz of excitement and found coffee in nearby Murphysboro.

When we arrived home it was decided that we would celebrate and view the eclipse from somewhere called Dancing Willow farms. It sounded enchanting.  Our friends left before us, and we were confident in our GPS. We lost our signal as we drove and  decided to turn at a sign that said “Alto Pass” we were headed in the right direction As we drove through the winding hills of Southern Illinois admiring its unsung beauty, we were treated upon every rise to people, all looking up to the sky, enjoying the excitement and waiting for the event.  It was so amazing to see.

Finally, we arrived at the farm. There was around 30-40 people milling about. The white farm-house was open and inviting. There were children jumping on a trampoline behind the barn, horses in the pasture and lots of looking skyward. My guy got busy making his camera obscura and it generated quite a buzz.  Many curious people came over and gave it a try. It was a joy to watch.  As the moment drew closer, we found ourselves laying on the green grass and staring at science.

In the moments prior to totality, people became shaded and fuzzy around the edges and the sky become dusk like. As we watched the eclipse and saw the red kissing the edges of the moon, I knew I had been changed. I removed my glasses and for the full 2 minutes and 40 seconds of totality, I observed, people, animals and nature. It was eerily silent and calm.

I saw people kissing and I saw children in awe. The group let out a collective sigh of wonder and true appreciation for the miracle we were seeing. And I was glad we were there.  In a place of nature and beauty. For us it was the perfect choice.

After the eclipse we all shared a meal, contributed by all who attended, and then a small celebration of welcoming back the sun.

After we left I couldn’t stop thinking about what we had witnessed and shared. And how total strangers became friends for a moment in time. And how truly wonderful that was and isn’t that something we should strive for in our everyday life? Those occasions to join with strangers and leave as friends.

I am grateful for the experience, the people I met and the difference I feel from the inside out. I feel enlightened somehow, and infused with positive energy.

And it all started with a pair of goggles.

Until Next Time.



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