Coffee and retirement

There is nothing quite as fulfilling as a good cup of coffee, unless it is coffee being served to me by someone who knows how I like my invest the time in me to understand my coffee preferences is love.

It speaks volumes to me. It says I care about you and your happiness is important to me. To wake up to hot coffee drifting through the house is Rockwellian. I didn’t always love coffee, until I was introduced to good coffee..

Before good coffee, I thought coffee was something that should taste like dessert. Mask the coffee taste in sugar and flavors until it is unrecognizable. That was coffee to me. But then I progressed..sort of. I began to drink coffee with just cream and sugar… a lot of sugar…I know baby steps.. but I did.. and I really thought I was progressive. Not quite a coffee Expert but definitely out of the novice arena.

Enter Mr. coffee.. he scoffed at my version of coffee, and gradually he converted me.. first he replaced my tiny 4 cup machine with a 12 cup. Then he added a grinder, a what? Yes, a grinder and something called “whole Bean”.. and finally enter dark roast..

So my love affair with coffee began, I cannot start a day without it, nor do I want to . Nothing is quite as satisfying as a hot cup of coffee, steaming with Italian cream. It is a sensual experience. I inhale the aroma, I take the first sip. Delightful. The perfect warmth.

It whispers lazy mornings, lounging around in pajama pants and a favorite movie on the tv. During good weather, I will sit on my porch in my pajamas and sip my brew while writing or reading. It’s a good day if it starts with coffee..

And you thought it was just Coffee..

Brew and sip.. next let’s talk tea.



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