Migraines and Maladies of Middle Age

I have a podcast!

Middle Aged.. I am .. or so they tell me. Sounds like I should ride in on a steed with my face painted for battle and possibly have a crown or at a minimum a shield. Hmmm. A lot like I feel when fighting a migraine.

Today was a migraine day. When I have one it usually shows in my face. My face is devoid of color or “peaky” as my mum would say  and I have the attention span of a gnat. I have gotten good at fighting the beast, ever since I made friends with a drug called Rizatriptapan…Ritz for short. Putting on the Ritz has allowed me to work through the demon.  Not everyone is so lucky. I have learned to view the migraine from the outside looking in as if I am watching a movie, I become detached from the moment and  frankly, become amazed at the stages of an attack.

And oh yes for none sufferers, it is not a headache, drinking water doesn’t help. It is a neurological condition that we develop our own battle rhythm to conquer. Mine is meds and sometimes freezing my head. I practice chiropractic care, it does help, biofeedback, crying ( it’s a release technique), I find the saddest movie I can and bawl my eyes out, and I even have manic bouts of energy, as if I can chase it away if I go faster. I will try anything to get through the pain. I am a warrior of migraine.

In the beginning ( I attribute mine to the spinal I had when I gave birth), I had it all, broken vision, vomiting, 72 hours of pain.. and then just like a prize fighter, I feel the pain break.. I feel it clearing. I have won.. exhausted by a victory, I finally sleep.

Migraines are amazing powerful creatures, mine run the gamut.. small ice pick in the temple, full body, tingling, vice gripping your head, nails through your eyes, even into my teeth. It is never routine, that’s for sure. I have suffered since the age of 24, and while they are becoming fewer in my  middle aged years, they are not gone. Mine have three stages.. the Hello… honey I’m home stage… , followed by the Day 2.. just popping out for a bit, I will be right back.. culminating on Day 3 with the teenage girl stage, fine.. I will go.. for now.  and then relief..

Today I must have looked really bad, because for the first time ever, the cashier at the Walgreens, looked at me and said ” We are having a senior discount today, do you qualify?” EXCUSE me??? Yes, I wear hearing aids as well, so the hearing is a challenge as a rule. Surely, he must be talking to someone behind me.. but no .. it was me.. I took my discount… 67 cents.

It’s official… middle Aged.. I will not go quietly.. where is my Braveheart Sword…? It’s my island after all..

I have taken my Ritz, feeling slightly nauseous but Headache free.. that is the trade.  Looking forward to tomorrow’s massage.. I need it.

To all those who are fellow sufferers.. I am with you. For those who are not.. have compassion and get the ice bag for the one who suffers.

Until tomorrow warriors,




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